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Lefkada - Lefkada (North) Carta Ruta Goleta

7 Noches / 8 Dias
Inicio / fin:: Lefkada / Lefkada
Duración: 7 Noches / 8 Dias
Zona de Navegación: Greek Islands
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Día 1
Lefkada Island

Lefkada or Levkas is the capital of the island of Lefkas, located in the North East where a causeway and swing bridge joins the Island to the Mainland of Greece.  You can board your charter yacht in mid-afternoon but departure is not until the next day. Dinner is served on board that night in the harbour.Lefkas fulfils a few functions including the centre of commerce as well as the top tourist location. If you want a quiet time, perhaps you should move on to some of the small villages on the Island? Otherwise there are plenty of bars and restaurants with information packs providing more detail.

Día 2

Preveza will make you think you’ve reached an island, particularly if you arrive by yacht. Buy an ear of grilled corn from a sidewalk vendor and walk along the seaside esplanade where cafes and restaurants are sandwiched between neoclassical buildings. In the pedestrianised centre you’ll come across surprises at every corner; bookshops with the latest editions, belle epoque teahouses, outdoor tables overflowing with tasty titbits, cosy bars, restaurants and avant-garde photoshops. 

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Día 3
Parga (Mainland)

Parga is 25 miles North West of Preveza and 15 South East of Igoumenitsa.  An impressive Venetian castle dominates not only the town but also the peninsula, acting as a landmark on your arrival. The only real berth for visiting yachts is to the North West Ormos Valtou where there is the long beach West of Parga. There is good shelter from the prevailing winds.

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Día 4
Lakka (Paxos Island)

The harbour of Lakka at the end of a sheltered bay in the North of Paxos is a quiet place. There are usually plenty of yachts in the nearby blue waters while small beaches like Harami can be found around the headland. It is fun just to talk a walk and explore. Lakka is geared towards tourists and almost every building is a taverna, café, boutique or souvenir shop. You can get a berth in the town quay anchoring in the bay is free if there is sufficient room. A third option is a long line ashore on the North side of the inlet.

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Día 5
Gaios (Paxos Island)

Gaios, the island's main town, deserves the adjective “picturesque”. The Venetian Square at the edge of the bay is lined with whitewashed, cream or pink buildings on all sides. Gaios is sheltered by the islet of Agios Nikolaos which gets its name named from the monastery located there. The waterfront of Gaïos has plenty of tavernas, cafes and restaurants which together provide for a lively nightlife. Gaïos has become very popular with yachtsmen as well as tourists on a day trip from Corfu and Mainland Greece. 

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Día 6
Antipaxos Island

Antipaxos or Antipaxi belongs to the Ionian Group of Islands; it is in fact the smallest of them. Legend has it that the Islands were formed when Neptune touched Corfu with his trident, thereby separating a tiny island as home to himself and his consort, Amfitryti. There is a small harbor, Agrapidia, from where there are trails leading to the interior of the island. There are isolated cottages, orchards and fields of vegetable and herbs. Antipaxos also produces its own wines from the extensive vineyards, a red that regularly receives the approval of visitors. 

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Día 7
Nikiana (Lefkada Island)

Nikiana is a lovely place for an overnight stop. It's just a small fishing harbour with a few tavernas close by so if you need provisions, it is better to get them in Lefkas. 

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38 Millas
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Día 8
Lefkada Island

Just as it was a great place to start, Lefkas Town is also a great place to finish. There are plenty of bars and restaurants we recommend you check out. Our information packs have lots of recommendations about the best places to eat, drink and explore. 

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